Praise for Alexa Pulitzer from Mitch Landrieu, The Mayor of New Orleans

The Mayor of New Orleans came over to my home for a little fete I hosted for AFAR Experiences and left me speechless. Thank you Mayor Landrieu for your expression and for choosing me to brand our beloved New Orleans, as we embark upon this historic Tricentennial. The art I created for the City of New Orleans to commemorate this momentous occasion has been the most rewarding “feather in my cap” to date. Merci to you, Mayor Mitch Landrieu for the sense of pride I feel but also for your generous service in leading and protecting our indigenous culture.

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Preservation Hall Foundation

Alexa’s favorite thing to do in New Orleans is to listen to traditional New Orleans jazz at Preservation Hall. Established in 1961, this intimate music venue is the cornerstone of New Orleans music and culture, as well as the sacred French Quarter establishment where Alexa and her husband had their first date in 1997. Preservation Hall is one of Alexa’s passions and she is engaged in creating awareness both abroad and nationally for its’ Foundation and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Launched in 2012, the Preservation Hall Foundation supports music education, academic research, historical archiving and promotional outreach campaigns to create greater awareness and appreciation for Traditional New Orleans Jazz and the communities that support it. The Foundation’s mission is “to protect, preserve, and perpetuate Traditional Jazz, strengthening the sense of community, music, family and culture that are an inseparable part of New Orleans and Preservation Hall.”

At Preservation Hall, the term “traditional” is taken quite literally; the older generation teaches the music to the younger musicians, and from them to their successors. The facilitation of this tradition passing is fundamental – whether it’s played during celebrations at Mardi Gras, during the burial of loved ones in New Orleans funeral ceremonies, or for audiences worldwide, Traditional New Orleans Jazz serves not only as a vital component of New Orleans culture but also represents a historical lineage to the earliest forms of jazz itself.

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New Orleans 2018 Commission

New Orleans – celebrating 300 years


Alexa Pulitzer was chosen to design a logo to brand her beloved native city, New Orleans as it celebrates its’ 300th Anniversary and serves on the Cultural and Historical Committee for the New Orleans 2018 Commission. As we approach 2018, we honor our city’s history and her place in the world. New Orleans is a resilient city, as history has proven many times over. We have faced and overcome the challenges of rebuilding a great city after fire, war, and disasters—both natural and manmade. With the Tricentennial, we now have the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of generations of New Orleanians who have made us one of the world’s most authentic and beloved cities and to remember the fullness, richness, and diversity of our history as it should have always been remembered.

The 300th Anniversary not only marks where we have been, but also sets the course for where we are going. Our city is becoming safer, schools are improving, and our economy is getting stronger—but we still have work to do in building a bridge to the next 300 years. We are building a new airport, redeveloping our storied riverfront, and creating a 21st century medical corridor. These efforts, among many others, are creating a pathway to prosperity for all the citizens of New Orleans and securing for the future a NEW New Orleans—where everyone individually does well and, as a result, we as a community do well. Our work toward 2018 has been 300 years in the making. We welcome you to join us in commemorating the past and creating the future.

New Orleans Airlift

New Orleans Airlift is a New Orleans based non-profit arts organization that creates immersive public art projects that fuse visual art with music (a.k.a. an AMAZING installation of interactive musical houses.)

Here is a video of the previous installation:

Low Country Luxe

Low Country Luxe Teams Up with Renowned Southern Designers to Create a Limited Edition Holiday Candle Dedicated to Restoring the Historic City of New Orleans

Savannah, Georgia Natalie Evans, founder of the successful private label soy candle distributor Low Country Luxe, has teamed up with two of the South’s finest designers – Alexa Pulitzer and Hal Williamson – to create a new limited edition holiday candle dedicated to restoring the beautiful city of New Orleans, inspired by its wrought iron balconies and seductive aroma-filled courtyards. In continuing the Low Country Luxe commitment to give back to the communities that inspire its products, the purchase of this candle will support revitalization efforts by the Preservation Resource Center and Music for Tomorrow. “We are thrilled to bring awareness to these charities whose efforts are needed to nurture the diverse artistic spirit that is the treasured heartbeat of this grand historic Southern city,” says Evans.

Based in Savannah Georgia, Low Country Luxe’s American-made retail line of scented candles are named after the Lowcountry havens of Savannah and Charleston as well as signature coastal botanicals like Sea Grass, Spanish Moss and High Cotton. This special 2008 holiday candle, available from October 1 through the season, marks the first time Low Country Luxe has named a retail product after a city beyond its home base in coastal Georgia and South Carolina.

Internationally recognized for her distinctive collection of fine papers, New Orleans native Alexa Pulitzer was thrilled to design the packaging and was inspired by an architectural feature of her beloved home, “Using pewter, black and ivory as a palette, I wanted to capture the sunlight effects on a wrought iron balcony in the morning, which is my favorite time to walk through the French Quarter.” Hal – a celebrated designer in the city for over 25 years – had the idea to capture its Southern mystique with a scent that would conjure up memories of the Crescent City, “There is nothing like taking a stroll through the beautiful Garden District or Vieux Carre and catching a hint of the sweet tea olive tree from the beautiful shady gardens or courtyards. More than chicory coffee roasting or gumbo bubbling away on the stove, this plant has the quintessential aroma of New Orleans.” The result of their collaboration is a 13-ounce soy candle housed in an elegant etched glass container scented with sweet tea olive tree, oak moss, soft musk, kumquat, tangerine, and mandarin, wrapped in recycled paper.

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Music for Tomorrow

Since 2006, Alexa has proudly served as a board member of Music For Tomorrow.

Music for Tomorrow seeks to save the jazz music of today for the world of tomorrow through programs, grants, and other ventures that support jazz and grow its audience, which in turn will bolster activity in the New Orleans creative economy. We provide musicians with work opportunities, produce music events, educate and grow jazz audiences, and distribute funds to social service programs that aid jazz musicians in New Orleans.


Music for Tomorrow (MFT) seeks to save the jazz music of today for the world of tomorrow. We do this in two ways: first, by supporting the jazz creative economy through grants, programs, and ventures; second, by growing the audience for jazz through traditional and social media, which in turns supports the jazz creative economy. We provide musicians with working opportunities, produce music events, grow jazz audiences, connect listeners and musicians through social media, and distribute funds to programs that aid jazz and jazz musicians.

Latest News

MFT is guided by the following principles:

  • Art for America’s Sake
    Jazz is an important part of our shared American heritage. It is America’s first native art and integrates democratic values.
  • Art for Economy’s Sake
    The arts are beneficial to the American economy. Arts generate $166.2 billion in economic activity, support 5.7 million jobs and return nearly $30 billion in revenue to the government each year. Donations to MFT are investments that yield significant financial impact.
  • Art for Society’s Sake
    Jazz is inclusive music. Anyone can participate and contribute. MFT is an inclusive organization that creates and strengthens communities through music.

Life is Art Foundation

Since 2006, Alexa and her husband, Seth Levine have proudly served as a board members of the Life is Art Foundation – aka “KKProjects” after the amazing and talented, Kirsha Kaechele.

KKProjects is based in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans in six previously abandoned structures: a former bakery, a storefront, and four 1800s houses. The properties sit in a one block area of the derelict neighborhood on North Villere between Music and Arts streets. Each structure houses a site-specific installation for a three month exhibition period. Local and international artists are invited to work with the spaces as they find them, as well as with the surrounding physical and cultural environment. KKProjects is dedicated to an ongoing conversation with its neighbors. Through art projects involving the greater social ecosystem, the project exists to cultivate creativity and inspire the hearts, minds, and economy of the St Roch neighborhood and its visitors.

The mission of KKProjects is the exhibition of large scale, site-specific installation art. Particular focus lies with conceptual works which explore natural order and draw from natural phenomena such as light and algorithmic pattern. Formally, kkprojects focuses on pieces which express aesthetic purity and, in early minimalist tradition, the resulting spiritualized space. However, when this purity takes form in apparent chaos, arising from a natural system, formal preference is abandoned for devotion to what is.

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